💡What is Smart Money?

chainEDGE takes the view that profit is king. Our smart money list is primarily made up of the highest realized PnL DEX traders over the last 6 months, with consistent wins and zero "one hit wonders". This means we likely do not track the popular Debank wallets with 5k+ followers you may be used to. We take care of all the work for you up front, by not only finding the most profitable traders by PnL, but also making sure they have consistent wins.

We're undergoing a wallet label refresh right now. Our initial labeling system was as follows:

  • 👑 Top DEX Trader - represents traders with the highest realized PnL over time

  • 🏢 Fund - funds that are active in onchain tokens. These are not optimized for PnL over time

  • 🔥 - Top 6 Month Trader - which represents wallets with the highest realized PnL over the last 6 months. Notably, this cohort only includes traders with numerous high PnL trades to exclude insiders and one-hit wonders

  • 🐵 - Early Ape - which represents traders that are both profitable but also consistent buyers of tokens around their launches

  • 🤖 - New Launch Bot - there are only 3 of these we track, but these traders bot launches in a very profitable way (and we are building some tools to help copy their success)

Using our PnL data, we now look at when top 6 month traders buy in a token's life cycle, which drives our new wallet labels:

  • 🚀- New Launch Pro - these are top 6 month realized PnL traders that generate the majority of their PnL by buying tokens aged 0-2 days

  • 💎- Gem Spotter - these are top 6 month realized PnL traders that generate PnL by buying after token's reach 2 days old or more

  • 🤖 New Launch Bot - mentioned above

  • 🏢 Fund - mentioned above

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