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All of our features are being rapidly improved upon, and aim to arm you with different cuts of smart money data streams to find actionable signals.

The chainEDGE Home Page gets you up to speed on which tokens are seeing smart money inflows and outflows over the last 24hrs, along with daily research notes to contextualize some of the data. Notably, these flows can be filtered by market cap and token age. So for new launches, one can easily filter 24hr inflows to the 0-2 day contract age to find more early opportunities.

The other 2 most useful features on the home page are the DEX Leaderboard, which shows the highest PnL traders within our smart money cohort. And at the bottom of the page there is a Top PnL Trades dashboard which highlights the best realized PnL trades over different time horizons for chainEDGE smart money traders.


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