chainEDGE Guide

Intro to chainEDGE


chainEDGE is a smart money signals and trading platform founded and designed by onchain degen Onchain Wizard. We built this tool to be equal parts simple and powerful.
The tool is built for traders, looking to find new launches, undervalued gems or emerging narratives happening onchain. But built with the simplicity where you do not need any onchain analysis understanding or background to use it.
All Signal, No Noise: chainEDGE streams smart money movements in highly filterable ways to match your investing style. Our data streams of smart money traders changes almost daily, to optimize for the truly best DEX traders in the world by realized PnL over the last 6 months. The platform also does all of the heavy lifting for you, by filtering out traders that are not consistently profitable, bringing you renewable sources of alpha.
You can use chainEDGE for smart money trading signals on new launches, established projects, or even to just tap into where the brightest, most connected and most profitable minds in crypto are paying attention to in terms of chains, narratives, etc.
Why Smart Money? Today's onchain crypto landscape is increasingly competitive, with all participants looking for an edge. Our current smart money cohort has generated $73.1 million of realized PnL over the last 6 months, and on a consistent basis. The data, insights and smart money criteria built and used by chainEDGE is very different than any other platform, while being easier to use and is highly filterable. Try it today @